Tadasana Festival

A gathering is coming on Earth Day Weekend 2012 in Santa Monica, CA.
Tadasana Festival


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Growing up as an athlete in Japan, Kiyomi Takahashi excelled as a runner, running half- and full marathons. In 2007, she enrolled in her first 200-hour teacher-training program at Yogaworks with Annie Carpenter and Brigitte Kristen. In the same year, she completed an additional 300-hour teacher-training with Carpenter. She then completed the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga West, Yoga Therapy RX Certification at LMU and Prenatal Teacher Training with Patti Asad at Yogaworks. So you know there’s plenty of knowledge and awareness going into her class, Iyashi Yoga: Celebration of Earth Healing Energy featuring Aykanna, Adam Stern & Sheela Bringi, during Tadasana.

What do you most hope to share with your students at Tadasana?
The moment of pure bliss! Tadasana is the celebration of connecting with your own soul, nature and this beautiful community of highly charged like-minded people, as well as inspiring and empowering teachers, leaders, healers and musicians. Together, we can inspire one another, and we each can be the change that we want to see in the world.  

What is your favorite thing about Santa Monica?
Being in Santa Monica satisfies the important aspects of my life: world class yoga teachers and healers, ocean waves for surfing, trails for biking and jogging on the beach, farmers markets, many options of raw and vegan restaurants, and like-minded conscious people.  This all makes Santa Monica to be my favorite place to be! 

What is your favorite mountain to climb?
It does not have to be the highest, steepest, nor most well-known mountain. The mountain I look for challenges me so that I can expand my capacity, and has beautiful trails and spectacular views to allow me to fully enjoy each step and every breath that I take. Mount Fuji is the one that I would like to climb next time!

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