Tadasana Festival

A gathering is coming on Earth Day Weekend 2012 in Santa Monica, CA.
Tadasana Festival


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Tadasana Teacher Profile: Amy Ippoliti

We are psyched about Tadasana teacher Amy Ippoliti's classes at the festival: 'Be the Light,' which will feature live music by Steve Gold, ‘The Secret of Happiness,’ and ‘Release,’ co-taught with Elena Brower and featuring live music by Hassan Hakmoun, Karsh Kale and Vishal Vaid. The Anusara-trained, Colorado-based teacher took a few moments from her busy schedule to answer questions for us. 

What do you most hope to share with your students at Tadasana?
Time is finite. I’m pretty pumped on sharing how we can approach our practice as a means to choosing happiness and deep fulfillment so we have no regrets when we die. While we are alive for this precious period on the planet, how do we want to be of service to the world? And let’s have major fun while doing it! I’m also psyched we will be together on Earth Day and can scheme as a yoga community about ways to live on earth more sustainably.

What is your favorite thing about Santa Monica?
I’m living in Colorado right now, so by far, the ocean is my fave - and of course the occasional dolphins sightings!

What is your favorite mountain to climb?
I’m a big fan of climbing Mt. Everest on a yearly basis. (Kidding!) Actually I hike a lot in Colorado, but rarely climb the mountains. I should do one of the fourteeners here. Add that to the bucket list.

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