Tadasana Festival

A gathering is coming on Earth Day Weekend 2012 in Santa Monica, CA.
Tadasana Festival


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90405. Santa Monica. Home of the Tadasana Festival. 

Tadasana Festival: A Gathering Not To Be Missed

For the first time ever right here in Los Angeles, the largest gathering of top international music stars, including Indian producer and tabla player Karsh Kale and DJ Cheb i Sabbah, will be joining America’s premier yoga instructors for the evolutionary Tadasana Festival of Yoga & Music. This three-day transformative experience - taking place in Santa Monica over Earth Day Weekend, April 20-22 - will bring the sounds and cultures of India, Africa and America together in a way that has never before been experienced. 60 master teachers will be offering 75+ classes and workshops with live, in-class musical performances by top-tier artists from around the world, as well as dozens of lectures and an eco-conscious shopping market in an outstanding location, a mere five-minute walk from the famed Santa Monica Pier. 

With over 16 million people in America practicing yoga, this completely new take on an old practice promises to be innovative and unprecedented. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind experience and take part in history as it unfolds.

As part of the festival, on Saturday April 21, Sounds of Tadasana Live goes down at the Santa Monica Bay Woman’s Club. Led by musical director and bandleader Karsh Kale, the show features flautist Manose and ghazal singer Vishal Vaid. Throughout the evening guest vocalists include Tom Freund, Hassan Hakmoun, Chris Pierce, Suzanne Sterling, Morley, MoMo Loudiyi, Sukhdev Jackson and special unannounced guests. Following this breakthrough concert, DJ Cheb i Sabbah will keep the venue moving with his unparalleled knowledge of world rhythm dancefloor aesthetics with two sets.

Make sure not to miss Sounds of Tadasana, the FREE 30-song collection of all of these artists and many more. Download your copy here.


Suzanne Sterling is an ecstatic vocalist, innovative composer, teacher and invoker of the sacred. Both as a performing and recording artist, as well as a facilitator of transformational workshops and intensives for many years, Suzanne creates sacred and participatory ceremonies for large gatherings and festivals worldwide. She is a co-creator of Off the Mat, Into the World and co-founder of “Bare Witness” Humanitarian Tours. Here she chats with us about connection, cruiser bikes and green drinks. 

What do you most hope to share with your students at Tadasana?
I wish to share the connection between the yoga practice and living a fully expressive and authentic lift. The joy and power of singing yourself awake. 

What is your favorite thing about Santa Monica?
Riding my cruiser bike or roller bladed at the beach, the green drinks at Rawvolution, and the fact that more than any other place it is a fertile ground for the conflux of yoga and music. 

What is your favorite mountain to climb?
Red Rock Canyon in Topanga is my favorite in SoCal. Otherwise Mt. Batur in Bali. Having climbed many figurative mountains in my life, I am currently enjoying the level ground beneath me.

This Saturday, March 17, GlobeSonic DJ Fabian Alsultany will be spinning alongside Italian emcee/singer Jovanotti at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles. Check out one of Italy’s top musicians above. Tickets are on sale now


Growing up as an athlete in Japan, Kiyomi Takahashi excelled as a runner, running half- and full marathons. In 2007, she enrolled in her first 200-hour teacher-training program at Yogaworks with Annie Carpenter and Brigitte Kristen. In the same year, she completed an additional 300-hour teacher-training with Carpenter. She then completed the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga West, Yoga Therapy RX Certification at LMU and Prenatal Teacher Training with Patti Asad at Yogaworks. So you know there’s plenty of knowledge and awareness going into her class, Iyashi Yoga: Celebration of Earth Healing Energy featuring Aykanna, Adam Stern & Sheela Bringi, during Tadasana.

What do you most hope to share with your students at Tadasana?
The moment of pure bliss! Tadasana is the celebration of connecting with your own soul, nature and this beautiful community of highly charged like-minded people, as well as inspiring and empowering teachers, leaders, healers and musicians. Together, we can inspire one another, and we each can be the change that we want to see in the world.  

What is your favorite thing about Santa Monica?
Being in Santa Monica satisfies the important aspects of my life: world class yoga teachers and healers, ocean waves for surfing, trails for biking and jogging on the beach, farmers markets, many options of raw and vegan restaurants, and like-minded conscious people.  This all makes Santa Monica to be my favorite place to be! 

What is your favorite mountain to climb?
It does not have to be the highest, steepest, nor most well-known mountain. The mountain I look for challenges me so that I can expand my capacity, and has beautiful trails and spectacular views to allow me to fully enjoy each step and every breath that I take. Mount Fuji is the one that I would like to climb next time!

Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan teacher Matthew Cohen discusses what Tadasana means to him. 

Check out Saul David Raye discussing what the mountain pose means to him. 


Hemalayaa’s special gift is a teaching style that invites students to embark on a journey to their own inner joy, fitness in the fullest possible sense. Based in Los Angeles, the creator of Bollywood Vinyasa and the Hema Wellness Program teaches locally as well as in Ojai, Santa Barbara and also offers frequent workshops in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. Don’t miss her classes at Tadasana: Soul Liberation, taught with Parashakti and featuring DJ Fabian Alsultany, and Bhumi Ma! featuring DJ Cheb i Sabbah.

What do you most hope to share with your students at Tadasana?
I hope to share the ability to be with nature (on Earth Day) in our practice and use the elements to transform, and transcend all things negative into the absolute radiant you!

What is your favorite thing about Santa Monica?
I love the palm trees that look like fireworks in the sky, morning and night - there’s fireworks going on all the time.

What is your favorite mountain to climb?
I was going to try to be punny with saying something about the Himalaya’s…but I’ll say it like it is: I love Temescal Canyon.


One of most widely respected teachers today, New York City’s Elena Brower has brought yoga to brand new territories, including Central Park’s Great Lawn and numerous museum and art gallery settings. The co-owner of Soho’s Virayoga and founder of Art of Attention, Elena talks with us about a few of her favorite things: sunshine, sharing and pre-sleep meditation. 

What do you most hope to share with your students at Tadasana?
Planning to share ways of relating - to our practice, to each other, and to our families - that cultivate real recognition and trust.

What is your favorite thing about Santa Monica?
The sunshine. Coming from NYC, I love my Santa Monica sunshine. 

What is your favorite mountain to climb?
My favorite mountain to climb is consistently meditating every single night prior to sleeping. In bound lotus. 


Founder of Radiant Body Yoga, Kia Miller, pulls from multiple styles of yoga - including Kundalini, Vinyasa and Ashtanga - in her dynamic and challenging classes. We look forward to having her teach The Warrior Saint, Breath Within the Breath and Root Down Rise Up (with her husband Tommy Rosen), as well as at our Off the Mat, Into the World charity class, Stand Together, during Tadasana. 

What do you most hope to share with your students at Tadasana?  
I am looking forward to sharing my deep love of yoga, with a soundtrack of live music that evokes the sacred. This will be an environment where magic happens. In the words of Yogi Bhajan, it only takes one person in a group to be connecting to the Divine and all others feel it. I am looking forward to that moment where students let go, let loose and touch the deepest part of themselves. To me, this is the joy of Yoga, when we unite not just as an individual connecting mind body and spirit, but as a community, and Earth day on top of that – wow! Bring it on! 

What is your favorite thing about Santa Monica?
Riding on my bicycle to the yoga studio and teaching yoga are two of my favorite things in the world. What better place than Santa Monica for that!  I am deeply grateful for the incredible yoga community that we are celebrating through Tadasana. It brings me so much joy to be surrounded by people who are on this path of conscious living and dedicating themselves to a practice that inspires change on the deepest level.   

What is your favorite mountain to climb? 
My favorite and only real mountain I have climbed so far is Mt Whitney, right here in California!  I went the mountaineers route and loved the physical challenge, which was in parts exhilarating and terrifying.

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